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Benjamin Philip Bonetti is a self-help author, television broadcaster, psychologist and hypnotist from England.


Before starting his self-help and life coaching career, Bonetti was in the British Army.[1]



  • How To Stress Less Wiley 2014[2]
  • How To Change Your Life: Who am I and What Should I Do with My Life? Wiley 2013[3]
  • Fat Mind Fat Body Benjamin Bonetti 2012
  • Don't Struggle Quietly Benjamin Bonetti Ltd 2012
  • Entrepreneurs Always Drive on Empty Benjamin Bonetti 2010
  • Making Your Money Last: 7 Steps to Debt Free Living Benjamin Bonetti 2010
  • 365 Ways To Do Your Life's Work Benjamin Bonetti and Terry Elston 2011
  • Inspirational & Motivational Quotes Benjamin Bonetti and Terry Elston 2010
  • Quotes to Remember - 100 Motivational Quotes Benjamin Bonetti 2010


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