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Benjamin Dean Meritt (March 31, 1899 – July 7, 1989 in Austin, Texas) was a classical scholar, professor and epigraphist of ancient Greece. His father was a professor of Greek and Latin at Trinity College (later Duke University).[1]

Meritt was educated at Hamilton College. He was an assistant director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, is notable for his development of the Athenian Tribute Lists[2] and worked extensively on Athenian calendaring.[3]

Meritt taught at a number of universities including University of Vermont, Brown University, University of Michigan, Princeton University and the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. In 1935 he became a member of the faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study, until his retirement. In 1972, he moved with his wife, Lucy Shoe Meritt, to the University of Texas at Austin as a visiting professor. The following year she became a visiting professor as well.

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