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Benjamin Franklin University - School of Accountancy

Benjamin Franklin University was founded in Washington, D.C., in 1925.[1] It was the successor to the Washington campus of the Pace Institute, which had been established in 1907.[1] The founding principles of the university were based upon Benjamin Franklin's doctrine of thrift and self-reliance. Its mission was to provide the part-time student with a first-rate education in accounting, financial administration, and business.

The university's first graduating class was twenty percent female, but did not allow black students to enroll until 1963.[1]

By 1981, it was offering bachelor's and master's degrees in accountancy and financial management, but the District of Columbia's educational accreditation body told the university to broaden its curriculum.[1] It was unable to do so, and in 1987, Benjamin Franklin University was merged with The George Washington University. The Benjamin Franklin University records are currently housed by the George Washington University Special Collections Research Center in the Estelle and Melvin Gelman Library.[2] The Benjamin Franklin chair of The George Washington University School of Business was established in 1992.[3]


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