Benjamin Gaither

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Benjamin Gaither
Bornc. 1784 (1784)
Died1838 (aged 53–54)

Benjamin Gaither (c. 1784–1838) is the namesake of Gaithersburg, a U.S. city located in Montgomery County, Maryland.[citation needed]

Benjamin Gaither was the son of Henry and Martha Ridgely Gaither and was born approximately 1784.[1] Through his mother, he descended from Hon. John Dorsey. He married Margaret Brookes who was the daughter of Henry C. Brooks and Martha (Bowie) Brooks.[1] A slave owner, Gaither owned 11 slaves in 1824.[2] Gaither's family traces its roots to colonial Jamestown in the 1600s and settled in Montgomery County after the revolutionary war.[3]

Benjamin Gaither died in 1838.[1]


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