Benjamin Hubert (industrial designer)

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Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert (born 11 March 1984, United Kingdom) is a British industrial designer and owns the design agency "Layer".

Hubert has presented his work at events like the London Design Festival[1], Milan, ICFF, and Tokyo Design Week – and has received a number of awards, including the RedDot Design Award[2], iF Design Award[3], and London Design Museum’s Designs of the Year. He has also been invited to judge awards programmes, including the BraunPrize 2015.


Benjamin has worked for DCA Design, Seymour Powell and Tangerine[4]. His own firm, Benjamin Hubert Ltd., was incorporated in December 2011[5] and re-branded as "Layer" in Semptember 2015[6] and employed around 15 designers in early 2016[4].

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