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Benjamin Milan
Born Benjamin Jonsson
(1990-11-03) 3 November 1990 (age 27)
Nationality Swedish
Occupation dancer, choreographer dance teacher and model
Years active 2012—present

Benjamin Milan (né Benjamin Jonsson) is a Swedish dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and model who now resides in London.[1][2]

He took the name "Milan" after he joined the "House of Milan" — one of the vogue dancing houses in the United States.

Jonsson has performed with many artists, including FKA twigs (a friend of his[3][4][5]) and for Madonna as a freestyle dancer at her after-party.[1][6]

He is one of the "iconic voguers" of the UK voguing scene especially in London where he resides.[7][8]

Early life and education[edit]

Jonsson is a Swede[1] who resides in London. He attended the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School prior to moving to London.[9]

In 2012, Jonsson received his bachelor's degree in contemporary dance at the London Contemporary Dance School.[1]

He then went to New York City to continue his dance training and attended classes at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. Whilst in New York, he received training with Sonya Tayeh (the choreographer of So You Think You Can Dance (United States)).[1] It was in New York where he developed his vogue dancing skills.[1][6]


Dance and choreography[edit]

Jonsson is a member of the "Vikings Wear Prada" dance crew in New York City[1] and a member of the "House of Milan" — one of the voguing houses in the United States headed by Aviance Milan, the father of the house. In 2014, he became part of "The Space in Between" urban/contemporary production at Tanzwerk101.[1]

He performed for Madonna as a freestyle dancer at her after-party and for Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules and Love Affair).[6] He was the Grand Prize winner in New Way vogue at the Paris Awards Ball (2015).[6] He was a backing dancer for Zebra Katz,[6] and has also worked with Kylie Minogue, Boy George[6] and FKA twigs on some of her music videos as a vogue dancer and co-choreographer as well as in her stage performances.

He appeared in her film "Google Glass" and in her latest music video "Glass & Patron" with friends David Magnifique, Tamsier Joof Aviance and Javier Ninja.[4][7][8][10] Choreographic work include "Glass & Patron" by FKA twigs (2015), co-choreographed with Aaron Sillis and FKA twigs.[10] FKA twigs found him on his YouTube channel.[7]

Jonsson was also the vogue coach on FKA twigs "Google Glass".[11]


Jonsson is a dance teacher at Step Into Dance, where he teaches street and contemporary dance.[2] He has run voguing workshops at Tanzwerk101.[1]

He currently[when?] teaches New Way vogue at Studio 68 in Southwark (London).[12]


Jonsson has appeared in fashion related work for Vogue China, Nude Magazine, Gareth Pugh, Belle Sauvage,[1] the Alexander McQueen brand[9] and at London Fashion Week.[6]

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