Benjamin Kane Ethridge

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Benjamin Kane Ethridge
Born Benjamin Kane Ethridge
(1977-01-16)January 16, 1977
Riverside, California
Residence Rancho Cucamonga, California
Occupation Novelist

Benjamin Kane Ethridge (born January 16, 1977) is an American author who writes in the horror and dark fantasy genres.

Ethridge was born in Riverside, California. He spent the first five years of his life living in Alaska and Texas, before returning to Southern California, where he continues to live today. He obtained a BA in English at University of California, Riverside and an MA in English Composition at California State University, San Bernardino. In 2003 after a stint of substitute teaching, Ethridge joined an environmental compliance firm where he has worked since as an inspector.

In 2006 Ethridge began publishing short fantasy and horror fiction in his spare time. In October 2010 his novel, Black & Orange, was published by Bad Moon Books and later won a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in First Novel.[1] His second work Bottled Abyss was nominated as well for the Bram Stoker Award in the novel category, as well as in the Long Fiction category for his novella "The Slaughter Man" in the LIMBUS, INC shared world anthology.






  • The Slaughter Man, appearing in LIMBUS, INC (2013)
  • The Cats of Delkilth, appearing in REAPING OCTOBER (2013)
  • Locked Room Misery, co-wrote with Mark Allan Gunnells (2014)
  • This House..., Samhain Books (2016)


Short stories[edit]

Dates by original magazine or anthology publication.

  • The 'Corn Factory (2014) October Dreams 2
  • The Vulture's Art (2013) Horror Library, Volume 5
  • Child Care (2013) Reaping October
  • All Other Days (2013) Reaping October
  • Data Suck (2013) Blood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting Edge
  • Deviant Colors (2013) Nightscapes: Volume 1
  • All the Sludge (2013) Bleed
  • The Z-Spot (2013) 50 Shades of Decay
  • The Death of E-Coli (2013) After Death
  • Blackened White (2012) Il Boia Scarlatto: Mezzotints
  • The Bridge Across (2012) Dark Discoveries #21
  • Running Through the Shadow (2012) I WILL RISE - Dark Fuse special edition
  • Solution (2012) Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology (Volume 1)
  • Doors too Silver (2011) Fluidity of Time blog
  • The Piece Cast Down (2011) Mezzotints blog: Queen Anne's Resurrection - Journey IV - The Sea and the Ghost Islands
  • From the Bowels (2011) Ante Mortem
  • Chester (2010) Dark Recesses
  • Surgeon Delta (2009) FearZone
  • Gorgon (2008) Doorways Magazine
  • The Fall of Lightninghead (2008) Sinister Tales
  • Chortle (2007) Dark Recesses
  • Copse of Elms (2007) Nth Degree
  • Cactus and the Tutubaloo Franchise (2006) Worlds of Wonder
  • Error (2006) Aoife's Kiss


  • MADHOUSE co-editing stories and main story writing with Brad C. Hodson, Dark Regions 2016

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