Benjamin Kyle

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Benjamin Kyle
Babylon 5 character
First appearance The Gathering
Last appearance The Gathering
Portrayed by Johnny Sekka
Species Human
Home planet Earth
Affiliated with Babylon 5, Earth Alliance

Doctor Benjamin Kyle is a fictional character from the universe of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5, portrayed by Johnny Sekka. His only appearance was in the Babylon 5 pilot movie The Gathering.

Character background[edit]

Kyle was a xenobiologist who was chosen by Commander Jeffrey Sinclair for assignment to Babylon 5 in 2257. He was given responsibility for Babylon 5 medical department and labs.

He was aboard the station when an assassination attempt was made on Ambassador Kosh. Kyle was one of very few humans to see a Vorlon first hand when he was forced to open the encounter suit of Ambassador Kosh, while working to save the Vorlon dignitary's life.

Kyle was subsequently reassigned to Earth by the Earth Alliance President to work as an expert on alien physiology. Dr. Stephen Franklin was assigned to Babylon 5 to assume the medical duties.

He eventually assumed the position of head of Xenobiological Research at EarthDome. When he retired in 2262, he was again replaced by Dr. Stephen Franklin.