Benjamin Manglona

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Benjamin Manglona
3rd Lieutenant Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands
In office
January 8, 1990 – January 10, 1994
Governor Lorenzo I. De Leon Guerrero
Preceded by Pedro Agulto Tenorio
Succeeded by Jesus Borja
Mayor of Rota
In office
January 1999 – January 11, 2006
Preceded by ?
Succeeded by Joseph Songao Inos
Personal details
Born Benjamin Taisacan Manglona
(1938-03-31)March 31, 1938
Died April 24, 2016(2016-04-24) (aged 78)
Rota, Northern Mariana Islands
Political party Republican Party
Alma mater Honolulu Community College
Profession Politician, civil engineer

Benjamin Taisacan Manglona (March 31, 1938[1] – April 24, 2016) was a politician and civil engineer in the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). He is the CNMI’s longest serving elected official having served as a congressman, senator, and former mayor of Rota (the third largest island in the CNMI chain). Manglona served as the third Lieutenant Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands of the Northern Mariana Islands from 1990 to 1994 and as Mayor of Rota from 1998 to 2006.[2]


Early life[edit]

Manglona was born on March 31, 1938.[1] He earned a degree in Engineering Technology from Honolulu Community College in Hawaii and an associates degree in Civil Engineering Technology from the University of Guam.[1]

Manglona began his career as a junior engineering aide, before his promotion to supervisor.[1] He also worked as an assistant clerk of court and a station manager for Continental Micronesia, the major airline of Micronesia.[1]

Political career[edit]

In 1963, Manglona launched his political career when he was elected to the Marianas District Legislature, serving from 1963 to 1965.[1][2] He then became a representative in the Congress of Micronesia from 1965 to 1970, as the Northern Mariana Islands were part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands at the time.[1][2]

Manglona became a member of the Marianas Political Status Commission representing Rota in 1972.[2] He served as the first Vice President of the Northern Mariana Islands' First Constitutional Convention of 1976.[2] In that role, Manglona helped draft the Constitution of the Northern Mariana Islands, which was later ratified by voters and approved by the U.S. President.[2]

Maglona took office as a Senator in the first sitting Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Legislature in 1978.[1] He was re-elected to the Senate in each successive election until the sixth Legislature, when he was elected Lieutenant Governor.[1]

Manglona was elected Lieutenant Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands in the 1989 on the gubernatorial ticket of Lorenzo I. De Leon Guerrero.[1] Manglona was sworn into office in January 1990 and served one term until 1994.

He was elected Mayor of Rota in 1998 and served for two-consecutive terms in office.[1] Manglona was succeeded as Mayor by Joseph Songao Inos in January 11, 2006.[3]

In March 2011, the Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives adopted House Resolution 17-45, which honored Benjamin Manglona for "his distinguished career in public office and his exemplary contributions to the CNMI."[1] The house resolution, which was authored by Rep. Teresita A. Santos (Independent-Rota), was presented to Manglona on March 29, 2011.[1]

On April 6, 2011, the Northern Mariana Islands Senate, where Manglona once served, passed a bill which would rename Rota International Airport as "Benjamin Taisacan Manglona International Airport" in recognition of his public service.[2] The bill would become law if it passes the House and is signed by Governor Benigno Fitial.[2]

Manglona died on April 24, 2016 in Rota, Northern Mariana Islands from a stroke, aged 78.[4] Benjamin Manglona will be remembered today by the people of The Northern Mariana Islands because of his devotion to serve his people.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Pedro Agulto Tenorio
Lieutenant Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands
Succeeded by
Jesus Borja