Ben Gunn (guitarist)

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Ben Gunn
Birth name Benjamin Matthews
Genres Post punk
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1981-1983
Labels Merciful Release
Flame On
Associated acts The Sisters of Mercy

Ben Gunn (b. Benjamin Matthews) is a British guitarist who was with The Sisters of Mercy from 1981 to 1983,[1] appearing on several of their early singles.

Ben Gunn joined the band after the band released "The Damage Done", after Craig Adams joined, and the band first started using Doktor Avalanche.

He played on the singles from "Body Electric" until "Temple of Love", despite some people believing he was there only for live purposes. However, he didn't play on The Reptile House EP. Eventually, the band was to sign to WEA and Ben Gunn quit in disgust, claiming personal differences between himself and Eldritch (the same problem would later force Gary Marx, Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams to leave between 1984 and 1985), and claimed that the Sisters started as a joke on rock outfits, and now they'd become one.

He later went on to play in a band named Torch and after formed Anabas (on his own label 'Flame On'), releasing two singles under this banner, and has barely been heard from publicly since. Indeed, whilst he was in the band he often would not allow himself to be photographed by interviewers.

Following the lack of success for his post-Sisters of Mercy projects, Matthews left the music industry. It is believed he studied economics at Liverpool University and, following post graduate study, later qualified as an accountant.


Singles with The Sisters of Mercy

Year Title Formats Album
1982 "Body Electric" 7" compiled on Some Girls Wander by Mistake
1982 "Alice" 7" compiled on Some Girls Wander By Mistake
1983 "Anaconda" 7" compiled on Some Girls Wander By Mistake
1983 "Alice" EP 12" compiled on Some Girls Wander By Mistake
1983 "Temple of Love" 7", 12" compiled on Some Girls Wander By Mistake

Torch = TBC (1983)

Anabas = Barricades / Dream Dance 7" (Flame On-FLAME 003-1983)


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