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The Bennetts Lane Jazz Club[1] is a music venue in Melbourne, Australia, located off Little Lonsdale Street.[2] It has operated since 1992, with a second room, the Jazz Lab, opening in 2000.[3][4] The club has hosted local and international musicians and was a venue for the Melbourne Jazz Festival. Lonely Planet called it "the world's best jazz club" and it won the Best Venue Award at the Australian Jazz Awards in 2003[5] and 2004.[6][7]

The venue closed its doors, supposedly for the last time, on 15 June 2015, following the sale of the real estate assets by owner and venue founder Michael Tortoni, apparently to a developer intent on building an apartment complex on the site. A number of rumours then circulated [8][9][10] suggesting the venue would re-open in Flinders Lane, Melbourne (behind the Grand Hyatt Hotel) as "Bennetts Jazz Club" and Brunswick (an inner-northern suburb) as "The Jazzlab".[11][12]

The venue reopened on 27 August 2015, pending further discussions on the future of the site.[13]

Bennetts Lane Jazz club founder and Artistic Director of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Michael Tortoni, has returned with his new 'Art Creation' at 27 Leslie Street Brunswick called "The Jazzlab", Featuring great musicians from all over world 7 nights per week with an extended midnight set Friday and Saturday nights for a great hang. It is already the flagship jazz club for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Musicians to perform there have included:

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