Bennie the Howl

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Bennie the Howl
Bennie the Howl.jpg
Directed byVladimir Vilner[1]
Screenplay byIsaak Babel
Based onThe Odessa Tales
Release date
  • 1926 (1926)
Running time
81 minutes
CountrySoviet Union

Bennie the Howl (Russian: Беня Крик, romanizedBenya Krik) is a 1926 Soviet silent film directed by Vladimir Vilner[1][2][3] and starring Yuri Shemskya as Benya Krik.

Krik is a fictional character in Isaak Babel's collection of short stories, The Odessa Tales. He also plays a prominent role in Babel's play Sunset. He is a Russian gangster of Jewish descent, and he and his gang of thugs are the main focus of the stories.

The Odessa Tales[edit]

Krik, who is also known as The King, is the leader of a group of thugs and smugglers, that operate in the Jewish ghetto Moldavanka in Odessa. He is married to Tsilya Eichbaum, whom he met when he was trying to shake down her father, as is detailed in the short story The King (Russian: Король). A couple of days after they met, he returned the protection money to Eichbaum, and asked for her hand later. The couple spent three months on honeymoon in Bessarabia, and returned for the wedding of Krik's sister Dvoira. Odessa's new police chief planned to use the wedding festivities to round up Krik's gang, but is thwarted by the arson of the police station.

Krik as portrayed by Yuri Shumsky

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