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Benniehausen is a village in the Gemeinde Gleichen in southern Lower Saxony.

Church Benniehausen

The village of 349 residents (in 2010) is located in the Gartetal {valley} on the old trade route between Göttingen and Duderstadt, lying some eight kilometers south-west of the former city. Construction of the village's half-timbered church began in 1779. The community has a prize-winning [1] volunteer fire department. Community organizations include a senior citizens club (Altenclub Benniehausen).

Benniehausen and the surrounding area have been inhabited since the Paleolithic.[2] In nearby Niedeck, there is the ruin of an ancient fort, which was excavated in the 1990s [3]

The mayor is Dirk Otter.

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Coordinates: 51°29′N 10°03′E / 51.483°N 10.050°E / 51.483; 10.050