Bennington Peak

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Bennington Peak
Bennington Peak is located in Alberta
Bennington Peak
Bennington Peak
Location in Alberta and British Columbia
Highest point
Elevation 3,260 m (10,700 ft) [1]
Prominence 150 m (490 ft)
Coordinates 52°39′17″N 118°17′53″W / 52.65472°N 118.29806°W / 52.65472; -118.29806Coordinates: 52°39′17″N 118°17′53″W / 52.65472°N 118.29806°W / 52.65472; -118.29806
Location Alberta
British Columbia
Topo map NTS 83D/09
First ascent 1926 R.B.M. Bibby, J.H. Hoag, N.W. Spadavecchia
Easiest route East Ridge III 5.4
North Face IV 5.7

Bennington Peak is located on the border of Alberta and British Columbia. It was named in 1922 by Arthur O. Wheeler, in commemoration of Bennington, Vermont, the birthplace of explorer Simon Fraser.[1][2][3]

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