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Benny Borg (born 13 November 1945) is a Swedish singer and composer.

He was born in Gothenburg, but moved to Norway in 1968, and was married to Kirsti Sparboe from 1972 to 1978. He is known for his cooperation with the Dizzie Tunes, and with Grethe Kausland. He won a Spellemannprisen award in 1973,[1] and represented Norway in the Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 1972. In 2004 he won the Herman Wildenvey Poetry Award.[2]


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Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Hanne Krogh
with "Lykken er"
Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest
(together with Grethe Kausland,
with the song "Småting")
Succeeded by
Bendik Singers
with "It's Just A Game"