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Benoit Michel is a Belgian engineer born in 1950.[1] He is the author or co-author of more than 20 technical books on microcomputing, cinema, and stereoscopy.


Michel received his degree in civil engineering from Université de Liège, Belgium, 1976 .[2]

Professional history[edit]

Michel co-founded “Neurones”, one of the first 3D cartoon studios in Europe in 1989. After that, he switched to R&D project management in telecommunications, human-machine interaction, digital cinema, and multimedia and is now at UCL, successively managing the SIMILAR[3] network of excellence on multimodal interfaces, the EDCINE[4] project on enhanced digital cinema, the 3D Media research project focusing on stereoscopic and 3D imaging. He is now working on a medical imaging project called "InVivo/IGT"[5] improving the way 3D images are driving proton therapy machines to cure cancer.

He is a member of the editorial board of ERCIM News,[6] and is working as a consultant for the European Commission, the TWIST cluster[7] of Walloon companies, and various private companies and he is the editor of the free “StereoscopyNews” newsletter.[8] He is co-founder of The European Spaceward Association,[9] a non-profit association with a goal to preserve and improve life on earth by going into space.


  • Programmes internes du Commodore PET/CBM (ed B.C.M.)[10]
  • Le livre du VIC (ed B.C.M.)[11]
  • Le livre du 64 (ed B.C.M.)[12]
  • Le livre de l'AmigaBasic (ed P.S.I.)[13]
  • PC, XT, AT: Maintenance et améliorations (ed B.C.M.)[14]
  • Le livre du Pick (ed B.C.M.)[15]
  • Clefs pour Amiga (ed P.S.I.)[16]
  • Personnalisez votre MS-DOS (ed B.C.M.)[17]
  • Programmation Windows en Visual BASIC (ed. Dunod Tech, 1992)[18]
  • Digital cinema : Revolution or Evolution (in 'Film Journal International', Aug 2001)[19]
  • Similar Dreams 'Multimodal interfaces in our future life' (chapter 8 only) (ed. PUL, 2005)[20]
  • Beyond DCI: The integration of object oriented 3D sound into the Digital Cinema (conference paper presented at NEM Summit 2008)[21]
  • 3DTV Le futur de la télévision stéréoscopique, avec J-F. Nivart, R. Roberts et V. Breuls de Tiecken, ed. TWIST[22]
  • La Stéréoscopie Numérique (ed Eyrolles, 2011, ISBN 978-2-212-129885)[23]


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