Benoît Roux

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Benoît Roux
Residence Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Nationality Canadian
Fields Biophysics
Institutions University of Montreal
Cornell University
University of Chicago
Alma mater University of Montreal
Harvard University[1]
Doctoral advisor Martin Karplus
Notable awards Rutherford Memorial Medal

Benoît Roux, Ph.D., is Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at the University of Chicago. He has previously taught at University of Montreal and Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Benoît Roux was a recipient of the 1998 Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry, awarded by the Royal Society of Canada.

His laboratory at the University of Chicago mostly uses theoretical techniques, such as classical molecular dynamics, to understand the functioning of biological systems at the molecular level. His research has investigated structure, dynamics, and the function of biological macromolecular systems such as ion channels, receptors, and protein kinases.[2]

He is a pioneer in the study of membrane proteins using molecular dynamics with explicit phospholipid molecules and solvent.[3][4] His laboratory has also developed novel computational methods to improve efficiency and applicability of theoretical investigations to molecular recognition phenomena. His work has bridged theory and experiment in biophysics by employing ever-increasing computational power to further the understanding of the molecular basis of life.


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