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Bentol, Bentol City
Bensonville is located in Liberia
Location in Liberia
Coordinates: 6°26′44″N 10°36′35″W / 6.44556°N 10.60972°W / 6.44556; -10.60972
Country Liberia
County Montserrado
298 ft (90 m)
 • Total4,089

Bensonville is the capital city of Montserrado County, Liberia. As of the 2008 national census, its population stood at 4,089.[1] Bensonville is located 20 miles away from the national capital, Monrovia, which is also located in Montserrado County.[2] It is a commercial center for the surrounding agricultural area.[3]

It was the birthplace of William R. Tolbert, Jr., the 20th president of Liberia. Before he was killed in a coup in 1980, Tolbert had planned to make Bensonville the country's new capital city.[2]

Prior to the Liberian Civil War, Bensonville's industrial activity included producing milled rice, sawn wood, soap, plastics, paints, furniture and fixtures, cement blocks, oils, processed fish, and confections.[3]


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Coordinates: 6°26′44″N 10°36′35″W / 6.44556°N 10.60972°W / 6.44556; -10.60972