Bent Familia

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Bent Familia
Bent Familia.jpg
Directed by Nouri Bouzid
Produced by Ahmed Bahaeddine Attia
Distributed by Africa Film Library
Release date
Running time
108 minutes
Country Tunisia
Language Arabic

Bent Familia is a 1997 drama set in Tunisia about Amina (Leila Nassim) a married Muslim woman living in Tunis with her two daughters. Even though she is allowed certain freedoms as a Muslim woman this is curtailed when she meets her old friend from school called Aida acted by (Amel Hédhili).

A mother of two, Aida took a firm stand not to tolerate her husband's infidelities. She divorced and considers herself a liberated woman. Then there is their mutual friend Fatiha (Nadia Kaci), an intellectual who is adamant that she is going to leave Tunis and settle in the West. This strong triangle of friendship threatens Amina's husband, Majid (Raoul Ben Amor), another adulterer who tries to bring the might of the chauvinist side of Muslim society down on her. Directed by Nouri Bouzid, this well-shot film presents us with the very real problems of women in contemporary North Africa, but offers no easy solutions.


  • Raouf Ben Amor
  • Kaouthar Bardi
  • Abderazek


  • 1997: Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival: Audience Award: Golden Antigone
  • 1997: Namur International Festival of French-speaking Film: Best Actress
  • 1997: Venice Film Festival: OCIC Award Honourable Mention

Movie Trailer[edit]

  • Bent-Familia [1] sourced from the Africa Film Library

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