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Bente Clod (born 1946) is a Danish poet and prose writer, "an important author within the realist feminist movement of the 1970s".[1] She is also a children's writer. She received the Ministry of Culture's children book prize (Denmark) (Kulturministeriets Børnebogspris) in 2002 for her books Englekraft, I vilden sky and Himmelfald.[2] In 2009 she received the Danish Literature Prize for Women (Dansk Litteraturpris for Kvinder).[3]



  • Det Autoriserede danske samleje [The Authorized Danish Sexual Intercourse], 1975


  • Brud (Break Ups), 1977
  • Syv sind [In Two Minds], 1980
  • Vent til du hører mif le [Wait till you Hear me Laugh], 1983


  • Imellem os [Between Us], 1981
  • Gul engel [Yellow Angel], 1990

Children's books[edit]

  • Englekraft, 2001
  • I vilden sky, 2001[4]
  • Himmelfald, 2002[5]


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