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Bentheim-Lingen was a county seated in Lingen in Germany. Bentheim-Lingen emerged as a partition of Bentheim-Tecklenburg in 1450, and was absorbed by Spain in 1555. Over the next century, ownership of Bentheim-Lingen passed between Spain and Nassau-Orange, before being annexed by Prussia 1702.

Counts of Bentheim-Lingen (1450–1555)[edit]

  • Otto (1450–1508) with...
  • Nicholas III (Count of Bentheim-Tecklenburg) (1493–1508)
  • Nicholas IV (1508–1541)
  • Conrad (Count of Bentheim-Tecklenburg) (1541–1547)
  • Maximilian (1547–1548)
  • Anna (1548–1555)