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In Greek mythology, Benthesikyme or Benthesicyme (/bɛnθəˈsɪsɪm/;[1] Ancient Greek: Βενθεσικύμη, romanizedBenthesikýmē) was, according to the mythographer Apollodorus, a daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite, and the foster mother of Eumolpus.[2] After Chione slept with Poseidon, she gave birth to Eumolpus, but, to avoid the detection of her father, she threw the infant into the sea. Poseidon rescued the child, and gave it to Benthesikyme to raise.[3] Once Eumolpus had grown up, Benthesikyme's husband gave to him one of their own two daughters; he was later expelled for attempting to violate the other of their daughters.[4]


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