Benton meteorite

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Type Chondrite
Group LL6
Shock stage S3[1]
Country Canada
Region New Brunswick
Coordinates 45°57′N 67°33′W / 45.950°N 67.550°W / 45.950; -67.550Coordinates: 45°57′N 67°33′W / 45.950°N 67.550°W / 45.950; -67.550[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date January 16, 1949, about 4:00pm
TKW 2.84 kilograms (6.3 lb)[1]

Benton[1] is a meteorite found near the village of Benton, New Brunswick following a fireball.[2] Two masses were found but the meteorites were split up. The largest fragment is now in the Canadian National Meteorite Collection, Ottawa.


It is classified as LL6-ordinary chondrite.[1]

The geological history of Benton has four stages: chondrule formation and accumulation, brecciation, thermal metamorphism and finally shock vein formation.[2]

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