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Arturo Vergara Medina (1928 - 1986), better known by his stage name Bentot or Ben Cosca, was a Filipino comedian and vaudevillian who spent most of his career under LVN Pictures.[1] He made many box office hits with another famed comedian Pugo who played as his father in their films.[2] He also appeared on the Manila bodabil circuit[3] in its heyday in the fifties and early sixties.


Arturo Vergara Medina was born in San Simon, Pampanga in 1928.

He made his first movie appearance in 1947's Maria Kapra, a musical by Sampaguita Pictures with Angel Esmeralda. He made his second and last movie for Sampaguita in 1951's Batas ng Daigdig aka Rule of the World. Then he moved to the rival studio of Sampaguita, LVN, and stayed until the film studio closed in 1961.

Bentot had a second life in radio and television, appearing in the radio and later TV comedy series Tang Tarang Tang[4] with Pugo,[5] Rosa Aguirre and Marita Zobel.

He is the father of former child star Bentot Jr.


Bentot died in 1986 at the age of 58 years, due to heart failure.


  • 1947 -Maria Kapra [Sampaguita]
  • 1951 -Batas ng Daigdig [Sampaguita]
  • 1957 -Phone Pal [LVN]
  • 1957 -Sebya, Mahal Kita [LVN]
  • 1958 -Alembong [LVN]
  • 1958 -Mr. Kuripot [LVN]
  • 1959 -Nukso ng Nukso [LVN]
  • 1960 -Oh Sendang! [LVN]
  • 1976 -Taho-Ichi [GPS]
  • 1985 -The Crazy Professor [RVQ](his last movie)



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