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Benzingerode, seen from the Struvenberg
Benzingerode, seen from the Austberg

Benzingerode has been a village incorporated into the borough of Wernigerode since 1 April 1993.[1] in the district of Harz in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt.


Benzingerode lies in the North Harz about 7 kilometres east of Wernigerode, on the old B 6 federal road that runs through the middle of the village and branches off to Silstedt at the eastern exit. Southwest of Benzingerode liest the Stapenberg. A low ridge, the Ziegenberge runs eastwards towards Heimburg on which is the site of an old hillfort, the Struvenburg.


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Coordinates: 51°50′04″N 10°52′02″E / 51.83458°N 10.86710°E / 51.83458; 10.86710