Benzion Yadler

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Benzion Yadler
Benzion Yadler.jpg
Born 1871
Jerusalem, Ottoman Empire
Died 1962
Jerusalem, Israel

Benzion Yadler (1871–1962) was a prominent Maggid in Jerusalem and in the Moshavot of Israel.

Ben Tzion Goldberg-Yadler was born in Jerusalem to Rabbi Yitzchok Zev Goldberg. Rabbi Yitzchok Zev was originally from the town of Yadel, a suburb of Vilna. He authored the work 'Tiferes Zion', a commentary on Midrash Rabbah. Benzion's mother was Malka, the daughter of a Rabbi from Grodno.

As a youngster, Benzion studied in Etz Chaim Yeshiva. After he married Henya, he began to study in the Pri Yitzchok Kollel. In 1894, he received Rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Shmuel Salant and his Rabbinical court.

While still young, Rabbi Yadler had physical difficulty with his eyes, so he accustomed himself to studying by heart. His genius in expounding Aggadah and Mussar was quickly recognized. Whenever his father would perform a siyum on completing a Talmudic tractate, young Benzion would deliver an aggadic lecture. This events would occur at the Menachem Zion Beis Midrash, located at the courtyard of the Hurva synagogue. As his fame spread, Benzion began lecturing in other synagogues in Jerusalem and eventually in Jaffa and other settlements throughout Palestine. He also lived in Haifa for some time [1].

As of Shabbos Zachor 1902, Rabbi Shmuel Salant officially appointed Benzion Yadler as an official lecturer of sermons in Jerusalem. He also oversaw the Eruv of Jerusalem.

In 1923, he was chosen to represent the Jerusalemite community in the General Assembly of World Agudath Israel.

He died in 1962 and was buried on Har HaMenuchot in Jerusalem.