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Beogradjanka, Belgrade, Serbia.jpg
Beograđanka in September 2006.
General information
Type Office and retail
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Coordinates 44°48′26″N 20°27′48″E / 44.80736°N 20.46338°E / 44.80736; 20.46338Coordinates: 44°48′26″N 20°27′48″E / 44.80736°N 20.46338°E / 44.80736; 20.46338
Construction started 1969
Completed 1974
Tip 127 m (417 ft)
Roof 101 m (331 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 24 above ground
5 below ground
Floor area 40,000 m2 (430,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Branko Pešić

Beograđanka (Serbian Cyrillic: Београђанка, pronounced [beǒɡradʑaːŋka], literally: the Belgrade Lady), officially Belgrade Palace (Serbian: Палата Београд, Palata Beograd, [palǎta beǒɡrad]) is a modern high-rise building in the Belgrade downtown area. It is 101 m (331 ft) tall. It is situated on the crossroads of Kralja Milana, Resavska and Masarikova Streets.[1][2][3][4]


The building was designed by architect Branko Pešić, not to be confused with the former mayor of Belgrade by the same name. Construction began in 1969 and was completed five years later in 1974.

During the digging of the foundation, ten strong water springs were discovered. Eventually, they were all conducted into the city sewage system.[5]

The building is located in the heart of old city center, stretching from Terazije to Slavija Square, with an emphasized aspiration to dominate with its high 24-story part as the city's reference point.

The top floor also features a restaurant. However, the restaurant has been closed since the 1990s for safety reasons.[clarification needed]


The building is almost completely owned and operated by the City of Belgrade. The first several stories are occupied by the "Beograd" department store; on the other floors offices of Studio B (city-owned TV and radio station) and Happy TV station are located. On the other floors, there are business premises, as well as the head offices of IKEA for Serbia[citation needed] and other Belgrade media are also located in the building. Blic daily still has some offices in Beograđanka although they have moved most of their business to a new building. The ground floor features a Robne kuće Beograd store. As of June 2012, the basement floor is occupied by a Mercator retail store.


The city of Belgrade plans to renovate the buildings exterior facade, reconstruct the main entrance and reopen the restaurant on the top floor.[citation needed]

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