Deaf Sam-yong (1929 film)

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Beongeoli Sam-ryong
Hanja 벙어리
Revised Romanization Beongeori Samryong
McCune–Reischauer Pŏngŏri Samryong
Directed by Na Woon-gyu
Produced by Baek Chan-gi or Na Woon-gyu
Written by Na Woon-gyu
Starring Na Woon-gyu (Beongeori Samryong);
Yu Shin-bang;
Ju Sam-son (Oh Saeng-weon's son);
Lee Geum-yong (Oh Saeng-weon) ;
and 1,000 extras
Cinematography Son Yong-jin
Distributed by Na Woon Kyu Productions
Release date
  • January 19, 1929 (1929-01-19)
Running time
(1,572 ft)
Language silent film
Korean intertitles
Budget 3,000 won

Beongeoli Sam-ryong (Deaf Sam-ryong) is a 1929 Korean film written, directed, produced by and starring Na Woon-gyu (1902-1937). It premiered at the Choseon Theater in January 1929. It was the fifth film produced by Na Woon-gyu Productions, and its failure with the public was blamed for the bankruptcy of that company.

Plot summary[edit]

The plot concerns Sam-ryong, a deaf servant who is in love with his landlord's daughter-in-law. Critics praised the final scene of the film, in which the house burns, as a work of pioneering and experimental film making.

1964 remake[edit]

In 1964 Shin Sang-ok directed Deaf Sam-yong, a remake of Beongeoli Sam-ryong which won the Grand Bell (Daejong) Award in 1965 for Best Picture.[1]

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