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Type Cheongju
Country of origin Korea
Korean name
Hangul 법주
Hanja 法酒
Revised Romanization beopju
McCune–Reischauer pǒpchu
IPA [pʌp̚.t͈ɕu]

Beopju (법주; 法酒) is a traditional Korean rice liquor, of the cheongju family of liquors. It is made chiefly from glutinous rice, and has an alcohol content of about 15%.

Beopju first appears in historical records in the Goryeo Dynasty (936–1392). The name literally means "law liquor," and refers to its being made in accordance with fixed procedures.[1]

Today, it is associated with Gyodong in Gyeongju, where the Gyeongju Choe clan brew a particularly famous variety; this Gyeongju Gyodong Beopju is designated by the government of South Korea as Important Intangible Cultural Property of Korea No. 86-3.[2][3][4]


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