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John Grigsby (born 1971) is a British author.

Grigsby received a bachelor's degree in Prehistoric European Archeology and History[citation needed] and a master's degree in Celtic Studies.[citation needed] He made contributions to (Graham Hancock)'s Heaven's Mirror[citation needed] and the television series based upon the book, Quest for the Lost Civilization.[citation needed] He is co-author of The Mars Mystery (with Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval).

His book Warriors of the Wasteland (Watkins, 2002) examined the Medieval legends of the Grail in light of Indo-European, especially Celtic, myth. His novel Beowulf and Grendel (Watkins, 2005) interprets Beowulf as "the recounting in poetic form of a religious conflict between two pagan cults in Denmark around AD 500" (p. 5). Grigsby argues that the poem reflects the violent ending of the native fertility religion of Nerthus. [1] The "pseudo-scholarly populist view of the poem" with its sexualized goddess espoused by Grigsby is reflected in the casting of Angelina Jolie (a "digitally exaggerated trope of hyper-femininity") in Robert Zemeckis' 2007 film of the poem.[2]


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