Berštejn Castle

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Berštejn Castle is a 16th-century Czech castle located just outside the village of Dubá in the Doksy municipality, Berštejn also refers to a chateau near the castle.[1]

Starý Berštejn[edit]

Starý Berštejn (old Berštejn) is now merely a ruin situated on a hilltop outside of Dubá.[1]

Nový Berštejn[edit]

Nový Berštejn (new Berštejn) is a chateau just north of Dubá which has been converted to a hotel.[1]


Coordinates: 50°32′54.8″N 14°32′42″E / 50.548556°N 14.54500°E / 50.548556; 14.54500