National Ethnographic Museum (Berat)

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National Ethnographic Museum of Berat
Muzeu Kombëtar Etnografik i Beratit
Muzeu Kombëtar Etnografik (Berat).svg
Logo of National Ethnographic Museum
Muzeu Etnografik ne Berat.JPG
Image of National Ethnographic Museum of Berat
LocationBerat,  Albania
Coordinates40°42′27″N 19°57′01″E / 40.7076°N 19.9504°E / 40.7076; 19.9504
TypeEthnographic Museum

The National Ethnographic Museum of Berat (Albanian: Muzeu Kombëtar Etnografik i Beratit) is a ethnographic museum located in Berat, Albania. It opened in 1979 and contains a diversity of everyday objects from throughout Berat's history.[1] The museum contains original furniture and a number of household objects, wooden case, wall-closets, as well as chimneys and a well. Near the well is an olive press, wool press and many large ceramic dishes, revealing a glimpse of the historical domestic culture of Berat's citizens.[1] The ground floor has a hall with a model of a medieval street with traditional shops on both sides and on the second floor is an archive, loom, village sitting room, kitchen and sitting room.


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