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Berd river, the city of Berdsk and the Berdsk gulf

Berd (Russian: Бердь) is a river in Russia, the right arm of the Ob River.

The Berd begins on the western slopes of the Salair ridge, flows 30 kilometres (19 mi) in Altai Krai territory and the rest in Novosibirsk Oblast. The river empties into the Novosibirsk water reservoir, which submerged 40 kilometres (25 mi) of the original Berd river after construction.

The Berd is 363 kilometres (226 mi) long and was formerly 416 kilometres (258 mi) long. Its drainage basin covers 8,740 square kilometres (3,370 sq mi).

Discharge averages 45.8 cubic metres per second (1,620 cu ft/s). Ice forms on the river in the first weeks of November and breaks apart in mid-April.

Naming, it is thought, is from Turkic languages "berdu" ("birdu") with the meaning of "beru" or "taken".

Two cities, Berdsk (Russian: Бердск) and Iskitim (Russian: Искитим), are along the river.

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Coordinates: 54°47′00″N 83°04′10″E / 54.78333°N 83.06944°E / 54.78333; 83.06944