Berean Bible College

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Berean Bible College
Type Private Undergraduate College
Established 1971[1]
President Rev. Douglas Balcombe[1]
Administrative staff
10[citation needed]
Students 25[citation needed]
Address 13609 Twin Peaks Road
Poway, CA 92064
, Poway, California, United States
42°55′10″N 85°41′32″W / 42.91944°N 85.69222°W / 42.91944; -85.69222
Campus Suburban, 1 acre
CEEB Code None
Colors None

Accrediting Commission International[2]

Living Way Church[1]
Mascot None

Berean Bible College is a Charismatic Christianity college in the amillennial tradition located in Poway, California, US. The college claims educational accreditation through the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries, an unrecognized accrediting organization based previously in Beebe, Arkansas now based in Sarasota, Florida.[3] The college is also recognized by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS) to issue I-20 foreign student visas.[citation needed]

Berean Bible College is affiliated with the Living Way Church, which is a non-denominational Charismatic Christian church.[citation needed]


Founded by George and Rita Evans in September 1971, Berean Bible College started their classes in San Diego, California.[citation needed]

In 1971, "Concert Favorites / Berean Bible College" was published by Faith Records with music director C. William Anderson.[4]

In 1991, Berean Bible College moved its campus to Living Way Church in Poway, California. Currently the President of Berean Bible College is Rev. Douglas Balcombe, Senior Pastor of Living Way Church. The Dean of the College is Rev. Bobby San-Miguel.[citation needed]

In Fall 2012, Berean Bible College's first satellite campus located at Maui, though the location is still unknown. The current classes offered at the Maui Campus are Old Testament Survey, Pauline Epistle I, Church History I, and Library Research.[5]

Berean Bible College is a small, close-knit community with relationships fostered weekly chapel service on Tuesdays. Classes are relatively small ranging from 5 to 10 students per class.[citation needed] Independent studies classes are also offered for major specific training.


Classes are only offered on Monday and Tuesday nights. There are correspondence elective classes full-time student may take in order to be classified as full-time. Upon successful completion of prescribed courses, students are either awarded an associate's degree (2nd year student), a diploma (3rd year students), or a bachelor's degree (4th year students).

There are four major courses of study offered at Berean Bible College,[6] including the ministerial degree designed to prepare individuals for full-time service as a pastor or an evangelist. Training includes preparation in such basic functions of the ministry as homiletics, exegesis, evangelism, pastoral counseling, church administration, conducting various types of worship services, and business meetings. The missionary degree aims to prepare the individual for full-time service in the mission field. It is similar to the Ministerial course except that it is intended to prepare students for service in missions, both at home and abroad. Special emphasis is placed on practical training on how to establish indigenous churches. The Christian Education degree seeks to prepare the individual for full-time service in the Christian Education program of a local church as an educational director and other related areas. Lastly, the Biblical Counseling degree trains people to view problems in life from God's perspective and will be encouraged to develop a methodology for change, which is in harmony with the Scriptures.


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