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Publication information
PublisherCurtis Magazines
Marvel Comics
First appearanceRampaging Hulk #1 (Jan. 1977)
Created byDoug Moench (writer)
Walt Simonson (artist)
In-story information

Bereet is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

Bereet first appeared in Rampaging Hulk #1-2 (January, April 1977), and was created by Doug Moench and Walt Simonson. She also appeared in Rampaging Hulk #9 (June 1978).

This version was subsequently revealed to be an alternate universe version. The mainstream Earth-616 version of Bereet first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #269 (March 1982), and continued to appear in the series in The Incredible Hulk #270-282 (April 1982-April 1983), #285 (July 1983), and #287 (September 1983).

Bereet received an entry in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk (2004).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Bereet was a female Krylorian techno-artist who used her alien technology to produce films concerning fictional adventures of herself and the Hulk. Most of the population is obsessed with the escapist movie-like fantasies of techno-art films, leading to her popularity among her people.[1] Bereet later traveled to Earth and became involved with the Hulk while he had Bruce Banner's intelligence, befriending the Hulk and Rick Jones. She also encountered the criminal Jackdaw.[2]

Bereet used a number of devices such as the spatial distorter, Banshee Mask, Defendroids, her "pet" Sturky, and a variety of other advanced technological devices.

The planet Krylor and its population was destroyed by Ego the Living Planet during the onset of the Maximum Security crossover.[3]

Powers and abilities[edit]

As a Krylorian, Bereet has a number of traits typical to their avian-mammalian semi-humanoid physique, including highly porous ("hollow") bones; a trilling, musical voice; two fingers and a thumb on each hand; two toes on each foot; red irises; and a deep pink skin color. She uses a number of techno-art creations including her Spatial Distorter (which she always carries over her shoulder like a pocketbook), Banshee Mask, Defendroids, Energy-Eaters, "Flitter," Insula-Sphere, Life Support Spider, "Spindrone," Star Eyes, and "Web-Spider." Bereet demonstrated a number of other techno-art creations in her movie, but it is unrevealed if she used any or all of these in the 616 reality.

In other media[edit]

Melia Kreiling plays Bereet in the 2014 Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy.[4] After Peter Quill retrieves an orb on the planet Morag, he discovers Bereet is still in his ship, apparently from a brief fling. He later drops her off on Xandar while he attempts to sell the orb.


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