Berenguer Ramon, Count of Provence

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Berengar Raymond I (Catalan: Berenguer Ramon) (1115–1144) was the count of Provence (1131–1144). The younger son of Raymond Berengar III, count of Barcelona, and Douce of Provence. While his older brother Raymond Berengar received Barcelona (his father's inheritance), he received Provence (his mother's).

He married Beatrice, heiress of Melgueil. His reign was occupied in wars with the family of Baux, which claimed the throne. He also took an offensive against Genoa, but died at Melgueil. His son Raymond Berengar succeeded him in Provence, but Melgueil went to Beatrice' second husband, Bernard V Pelet, and their daughter Ermessende of Pelet.

Preceded by
Raymond Berengar I
Count of Provence
Succeeded by
Raymond Berengar II