Berenguer de Cruïlles

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Berenguer de Cruïlles
1st President of the Generalitat de Catalunya
Succeeded by Romeu Sescomes
Personal details
Born ~ 1310
Peratallada ?
Died 1362

Berenguer de Cruïlles was bishop of Girona, (Catalonia), (1349–1362) and first President of the Generalitat de Catalunya (1359–1362) in the 14th century.[1]

De Cruïlles was born around 1310 in Peratallada, a town in northern Catalonia, and died in Barcelona in 1362. He was a member of the clergy at the See of Girona in 1321, canon in 1330, precentor in 1336, abbot of Sant Feliu in 1342, and was finally appointed bishop by Pope Clement VI. He was a fervent supporter of the excommunication of Raymond Berenguar, Count of Empúries, uncle of the king. In 1357, he gave financial aid for the completion of the gold and wrought silver altarpiece for the cathedral, begun by his predecessor, bishop Gilabert de Cruïlles (1334–35).[2]


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