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Kinetic 9
Also known as Beretta 9
Origin Steubenville, Ohio,
Staten Island, New York
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1995 - present
Labels Wu Music Group
Associated acts Killarmy,
Wu-Tang Clan,
Lewis Millard

Kinetic 9 or Beretta 9 (born Samuel Craig Murray) is a member of the hip-hop group Killarmy, a group affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan. It went on to record three albums Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (1997), Dirty Weaponry (1999), In the Clear (2000) and their latest, Fear, Love & War (2001).

Kinetic 9 appeared on the track "Ratiug" from John Frusciante's 2012 album PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone[1] as well as the tracks "FM" and "909 Day" from the album Letur-Lefr. He has also appeared on tracks with artists such as Craig G, RBX, Reef the Lost Cauze, Mr. Bill, Scienz of Life, Block McCloud, True Kash, and Bizz.[2]


Album Title Album Info
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
  • Released: August 5, 1997
  • Billboard 200 chart position: #34
  • R&B/Hip Hop chart position: #10
  • Singles: "Swinging Swords," "Camouflage Ninjas"/"Wake Up,"
    "Wu-Renegades"/"Clash of the Titans"
Dirty Weaponry
  • Released: August 11, 1998
  • Billboard 200 chart position: #40
  • R&B/Hip Hop chart position: #13
  • Singles: "Red Dawn"/"Where I Rest At," "The Shoot-Out"
Fear, Love & War
  • Released: September 11, 2001
  • Billboard 200 chart position: #122
  • R&B/Hip Hop chart positions: #34
  • Singles: "Street Monopoly"/"Monster," "Feel It"/"Militant,"
Greatest Hits
  • Released: May, 2011
Artists Track Title(s) Album Date/Label
4th Disciple Swordz (featuring Kinetic 9, ShoGun Assasson, Alibastard the 1st) Best of 740 Vol. 1 1995/2007 ChromasWynd/ChamberMusik
Bobby Digital Daily Routine (featuring Kinetic 9) Bobby Digital in Stereo 1998
Bobby Digital Bong Bong (featuring Kinetic 9, Madame Cez)
La Rhumba (featuring Kinetic 9, Ndira, Method Man, Killa Sin)
Shady (featuring Kinetic 9, Intrigue)
Digital Bullet 2001
Suid Suid je (featuring Kinetic 9, Tekkita) Drama koja se šunja sama 2005 Bassivity Music
Orphanage Take the Sword Pt. 1 (featuring Kinetic 9 and RZA) 2007
Bobby Digital Up Again (featuring Kinetic 9) Digi Snacks 2008
Orphanage Take Sword Pt. III (featuring 60 Second Assassin, Leggezin, Crisis, Christbearer, Monk, Tre Irie, Bobby Digital, Reverend William Burk) 2009
Bizz Realist Spittin (featuring Kinetic 9 and Bizz) Prince of Jersey 2009 Blakglobe
John Frusciante 909 Day (featuring Leggezin Fin, Masia One, Kinetic 9, and RZA)
FM (featuring Kinetic 9, Rugged Monk, and RZA)
Letur-Lefr 2012
John Frusciante Ratiug (featuring Kinetic 9) PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone 2012


Artist(s) Album Info Video Title(s) Release Date
Killarmy Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Swinging Swords
Wake Up (featuring Hell Razah, Prodigal Sunn and various Wu-Tang Clan cameos)
Wu-Renegades (featuring various Wu-Tang Clan cameos)
1997 Loud/Priority/Wu-Tang Records
Killarmy Dirty Weaponry The Shoot-Out (featuring Rza) 1998 Wu-Tang Records
Killarmy Fear, Love & War Feel It 2001
Bizz Prince of Jersey Realist Spittin (featuring Kinetic 9) 2009 Blakglobe


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