Berg School (Trondheim)

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Berg skole Trondheim municipality coat of arms
Founded: 1931
Students: 295
Employees: 38
Current headmaster: Lars Petter Eggesbø

Berg skole is a primary school situated in central Trondheim, Norway, in the borough of Strinda.


Berg skole was founded in 1931 on land bought from the bishop in 1923. The school was built in three stages, the first in 1931 and the second in 1940. These two stages today appear as one building (the southernmost building, seen in the images on the right. The two stages made out the whole school for decades, having a strict look with its concrete and coarse brick walls and iron plated roof. Nevertheless, the remaining features today are considered very valuable because of their neo-classical architectural look. In addition, there was another expansion north on the main building in 1940; this part of the building was torn down in 1996 and replaced by a neo-modernistic structure (seen in the images on the right), and it is considered to be a horrible replacement to the priceless historic structure originally standing there. In 1960, architects from Strinda bygningssjefkontor (chief engineer's office) designed and constructed the red and white concrete pavilion seen to the north. Within this pavilion, the 7th Grade stays, and it is used when holding speeches to the school, mainly on May 17th, the Norwegian Independence Day.

During World War Two, Berg, like most other schools in Trondheim, was occupied by the Germans and used as sleeping quarters for the soldiers. Still, afternoon activities were allowed in the schoolyard. However, during a British bombing raid in February, 1941, aimed at the German U-Boat docks at Dora, the schoolyard was showered in falling shrapnel when German anti-air guns opened fire on the planes. The students in the schoolyard didn't make it indoors and were hit by the shrapnel. A 17-year-old boy was killed and five other students were seriously hurt.

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