Bergantes (river)

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Bergantes River
El Bergantes al seu pas per la Balma.jpg
The Bergantes near the Sanctuary of La Balma, Zorita del Maestrazgo
Country Spain
Basin features
Main source 1,293 m (4,242 ft)
River mouth 150 m (490 ft)
Progression Guadalope-Ebro-Mediterranean Sea
River system Ebro
  • Left:
    Calders, Cantavieja
Physical characteristics
Length 60 km (37 mi)

The Bergantes is a short river in the Valencian and Aragon Communities which rises in the comarca of el Ports (Castellón), 12.5 kilometres (7.8 mi) SSE of Morella. It is the only river in Valencia which forms part of the Ebro basin.


Although its course is not long (approximately 60 kilometres (37 mi)) and it has a relatively small basin, it has a strong flow during the winter, due to heavy rainfall in the headwater area, situated in the shadow of the mountaibous area to the north. The river Cantavieja and the river Calders, which rise in Teruel province, join the Bergantes at the pueblo of Forcall. The Bergantes joins the Guadalope just before the reservoir at Calanda.


The river has a diverse flora and fauna, including trout, crayfish and otters.[1]

The watershed of the Bergantes.

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Coordinates: 40°51′47″N 0°12′35″W / 40.863°N 0.2098°W / 40.863; -0.2098