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Birth name Belgin Sarılmışer[1]
Born (1958-07-15)July 15, 1958[2]
Mersin, Turkey
Died August 14, 1989(1989-08-14) (aged 31)
Pozantı, Adana, Turkey
Genres Arabesque
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1982-1989
Website Bergen Official Honour Website

Bergen was one of the most successful Turkish singers and a pioneer in the Turkish arabesque genre.[3][4][5] When she was 17, she quit her job at a Turkish post office so that she could pursue her dream of performing on stage. Her personal life was influential in her gloomy sound and led to her success. Her husband threw nitric acid on her face resulting in blindness in her right eye. Despite this, she continued singing and chose to cover the blind eye with her long hair. This event added more depth to her songs and resulted in her songs being sung with pain and sorrow. She has been called the "Woman of Pain."

She is most known for her song, "Acıların Kadını", the lead single from her 1986 album of the same name. She also starred in the movie, "Acıların Kadını" as well.[6]

Bergen released eight albums and all of them reissued later.

Death and legacy[edit]

After her husband came out of the jail, he shot Bergen six times when she was on the road for a tour to promote her last studio album "Yıllar Affetmez" on August 14, 1989.[2] Bergen died at the age of 31, but her legacy and influence in the arabesque music scene is still relevant today. Her songs has been included arabesque or nostalgia concept albums, and covered by several artists such as Işın Karaca, Funda Arar, Muazzez Ersoy, and Emrah.


Year Album Formats and notes
1982 Şikayetim Var LP, MC (Reissued in 1986)
1983 Kardeşiz Kader MC (Reissued in 1985 and 1990)
1985 İnsan Severse MC (Reissued as CD in 1999)
1986 Acıların Kadını LP, MC (Reissued as CD in 1999)
1987 Onu da Yak Tanrım LP, MC (Reissued as CD in 1999)
1988 Sevgimin Bedeli MC (Reissued as CD in 1999)
1988 İstemiyorum LP, MC (Reissued as CD in 1999)
1989 Yıllar Affetmez MC (Her latest album that was released during her lifetime. Reissued as CD in 1999)
1990 Giden Gençliğim MC (Includes the songs that were never released before. Reissued as CD in 1999)
1990 Garibin Çilesi Mezarda Biter MC (Includes songs that were never released before. Reissued as CD in 1999)
1991 Son Ağlayışım MC, CD (Includes songs that were never released before.)


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