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Bergeron is a surname of French origin.

The name Bergeron may be derived from the Old German word berg, meaning hill or mountain. It may also be derived from the old French berger, meaning shepherd.

Spelling variations include: Bergetron, Berger, Bergey, Bergez, Bergier, Bergeret, Bergerot, Bergereau, Bergeron, Bergerron, Bergerone, Bergeronne, Bergeronneau, Bergerat, Bergerie, Bergère, Bergière, Bergiron, Bergirone, Bergironne, le Berger, le Bergeron, de Bergeron, Leberger and many more.

First found in Burgundy, where the family was anciently seated.

Some of the first North American settlers of this name or some of its variants were: André Bergeron, who settled in Quebec from Charente-Maritime in 1666; Jacques Bergeron, who arrived in Quebec from Guyenne in 1676; Francois Bergeron,who arrived in Quebec from Poitou in 1676. Barthélemy Bergeron d'Amboise came to Quebec in 1684 but settled in Acadia by 1695.

Following the Acadian diaspora of 1755, the Bergeron name is found today along the southeast coast of the U.S., and especially in South Louisiana.

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