Berghamn (Åland)

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Berghamn, where the Eckerö linjen ferry leaves for Sweden

Berghamn is the westernmost ferry harbour of the autonomous Finnish archipelago Åland, in the Baltic sea. Berghamn is situated on the island of Eckerö.

Over the road, the harbour is about 35 km away from Åland's capital Mariehamn.

From this harbour, Eckerö Linjen has an international ferry link with Grisslehamn in Sweden. The ferry leaves several times a day. The crossing takes little less than 2 hours, crossing a time zone: seemingly, the crossing to Grisslehamn lasts only one hour, while going to Eckerö takes 3 hours.[1]

There are only small villages near Berghamn, but several large sports facilities such as a golf course and a big sports complex: Eckeröhallen.


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