Bergliot Ibsen

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Bergliot Ibsen

Bergliot Ibsen (née Bjørnson; 10 June 1869 – 2 February 1953) was a Norwegian mezzo-soprano singer. [1]

She was born as Bergliot Bjørnson in Christiania (now Oslo, Norway) as daughter of writer and Nobel laureate Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Karoline Bjørnson (née Reimers). She was married to politician Sigurd Ibsen, son of playwright Henrik Ibsen and Suzannah Ibsen. Her husband later became Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm. They were the parents of Tancred Ibsen, Eleonora Borberg and Irene Ibsen Bille. [2]

Bergliot Ibsen made her concert début in Paris during 1880, and later toured in Norway and Denmark. In 1948 she published the memoir book De tre on the three Ibsens: Henrik, Suzannah and Sigurd. [3]

She died in Bolzano, Italy in 1953. She was buried in Oslo at Æreslunden in Vår Frelsers gravlund. [4] [5]


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