Bergpartei, die "ÜberPartei"

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Bergpartei, die ÜberPartei
ChairpersonRico Tscharntke
FoundedBoth July 2005,
merged 1 April 2011
IdeologyPost-left anarchy
Green-black (flag)
SloganSmall but slow
Party flag
Green and Black flag.svg

Bergpartei, die ÜberPartei, stylized as bergpartei, die überpartei (German pronunciation: [ˌbɛʁkpaʁˈtaɪ diː ˌʔyːbɐpaʁˈtaɪ]) and shortened as B*, is an anarchist, dadaist party in Germany.

It is known for the holding of a vegetable battle between two rival districts of Berlin[1] and the video activist film festival nodogma.[2][3]


B* has no domination claim, but refuses to be a joke party. Its additional designation is: radical feminist arm, utopian solidarity branch, post-identity anti-national, anti-materialist action.

Posters and slogans[edit]

The party is famous for its handmade posters and billboards.[4]


It was founded on 1 April 2011 by fusing two grassroot squatter parties.[5]

Separatist water cannon at the vegetable battle.

The party's founding chairholder was Jan Theiler.

Electoral Results[edit]

In the Berlin elections 2011, the party gained 0.9 % in the district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (including 3.2% in the former squats area "Wahlkreis 5"[6]). In the national elections 2013, the party gained 0.4% in the same district.[7] Berlin 2016: 3,1 % in area Wahlkreis 5 and 0,5 % in the whole district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

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founding place: installation "the Mountain", inside Palace of the Republic 2005