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Bergsala AB, from Kungsbacka, Sweden, has operated as the Nordic and Baltic agent and distributor of Nintendo products since 1981. Bergsala's administrative center and warehouse is in Kungsbacka, but there are local Bergsala offices in Norway, Denmark and Finland as well.

Today, Bergsala themselves handle the distribution of Nintendo products in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and the distribution of Pokémon Trading Card Game products in Norway and Finland.

Bergsala operates two important marketing web sites: the Nintendo website and the Pokémon website. The Nintendo website has the same layout and mostly the same content in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and the design found on it in all countries is originally from the Swedish website (all the other sites were edited to match the Swedish one later). The same goes for the Pokémon website, where the original Norwegian website was translated to Finnish, Danish and Swedish.

The Pokémon website contains information about the Pokémon video games, Pokémon TV show, and Pokémon Trading Card Game—including the Pokémon Trading Card Game's Pokémon Organized Play Program.


Bergsala's headquarters in Kungsbacka are located at Marios Gata 21 (Mario's Street 21), named after the famous Nintendo character Mario.

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