Bergslagen Line

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Regina train near Falun
Map in Gothenburg station

The Bergslagen Line (Swedish: Bergslagsbanan) is a railway line consisting of two sections, from Gävle via Falun, Ställdalen to Kil, Värmland, and from Ställdalen to Frövi. Although not officially, the Norway/Vänern Line is also often regarded part of the Bergslagen Line, because it was before the renaming 1990. Construction began in 1855 and opened in 1879.

At Kil, the line connects with the Norway/Vänern Line, the Fryksdal Line and the Värmland Line. At Borlänge, it connects to the Dala Line, at Frövi to the Freight Line Through Bergslagen, and in Gävle with the Northern Main Line and the East Coast Line.


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