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The church of Bergstedt in 2011
Blazon of Bergstedt

Bergstedt (About this sound German pronunciation ) is a quarter of Hamburg, Germany, in the borough of Wandsbek. It is located on the northeastern border of the borough and of the city. It is part of the area of Walddörfer (lit. forest villages). In 2016 10,687 lived in Bergstedt.


Bergstedt borders the quarters of Lemsahl-Mellingstedt, Wohldorf-Ohlstedt, Volksdorf, and Sasel. The streams and rivers of Furtbek, Lottbek, Rodenbek, and Saselbek flow through Bergstedt. There are two nature reserves, Hainesch/Iland and Rodenbeker Quellental.


In 1248 Bergstedt, formerly a Saxonian Rundling, was first recorded under the name of Bericstede. It does not relate to a Berg (mountain), but to a founder named Beric. Also the part -stedt in the name refers to a Saxonian foundation, meaning safe settlement or safe residence.[1] The Church of Bergstedt (Bergstedter Kirche) was also first recorded in 1248, its oldest parts originating from 13th century. Therefore it is one of the oldest church buildings in Hamburg.

Nature reserves[edit]


In the southeast of Bergstadt lies the natural monument of Timmermoor, roughly 4 hectares in area, a bog pond surrounded by heathland and woods, which was formed in the last ice age about 20,000 years ago, probably as a result of the sinking of the soil layers over thawing dead ice.[2]

In the southwest of the quarter, between the Alster tributary of the Saselbek and its tributary, the Furtbek, lies the Hainesch/Iland Nature Reserve.

In the north lies the Rodenbeker Quellental Nature Reserve.


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