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The Bering Truck Corporation is a former United States manufacturer and distributor of trucks. It was headquartered in Front Royal, Virginia.


2000 Bering LD15

Established and founded in 1997 in Front Royal, Virginia, Bering Truck was the first new American truck manufacturer and distributor established in over 70 years. In partnership with Hyundai Motor Company of Korea, three classes of trucks were launched into the US market. The first trucks were sold in 1999 and in one year, Bering was the fastest growing US truck company having sold more than 1,400 trucks.

Bering was forced to cease operations in 2001 after its sole supplier entered into a relationship with Daimler-Chrysler and terminated the Bering agreements. Litigation ensued; in an international arbitration between Bering and Hyundai, the arbitration panel found (in 2004) that Hyundai had breached its agreements with Bering in bad faith. A Federal anti-trust case filed by Bering against Hyundai and Daimler-Chrysler was settled out of court in 2006.[1]




  • Industrial Engines
  • Truck Chassis
  • Bus chassis


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