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BeritaSatu TV logo
Launched May 1998
(as Q Channel)
(as Qtv)
September 3, 2011
(as BeritaSatu TV)
Owned by Jaring Data Interaktif (1998-2011)
BeritaSatu Media Holdings (2011-present)
Slogan "The Channel for Decision Makers"
"Executive Television"
Country Indonesia
Broadcast area Cable/satellite
Formerly called QTV
Q Channel
Sister channel(s) TVRI (2000-2011)
Swara Channel (2000-2011)
BSTV (2014-present)
BeritaSatu World (2014-present)
Jakarta Globe News Channel (2014-present)
BeritaSatu Sports (2014-present)
Jakarta 24 UHF (via BSTV)
Bandung 26 UHF (via I Channel)
Palembang 42 UHF (via PAL TV)
Manado 55 UHF (via Manado TV)
Makassar 61 UHF (via VE Channel)
Bontang 26 UHF (via PKTV)
Banjarmasin 44 UHF (via Duta TV)
Aora Channel 921
TelkomVision Channel 152
Skynindo Channel 48
First Media Channel 6

BeritaSatu (formerly QTV and Q Channel and BeritaSatu TV) is an Indonesian talk channel that was established in early 1998 by PT Jaring Data Interaktif. Much of the channel's content is targeted towards Indonesian executives and the influential upper income segment of society. Aimed at decision makers, the channel mostly features talk shows and infotainment programs related to business, economy, politics, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Terrestrial broadcast network[edit]


Qtv logo (2005-2011).

The channel has about 19 programs for politics, economics, and dialogue. Most programs are one hour long.

List of programmes[edit]


  • Aviliani View
  • Bedah Politik
  • Dunia Tekno
  • Impact
  • Insight Indonesia
  • Jurnal Ekstra
  • Jurnal Malam
  • Jurnal Pagi
  • Jurnal Petang
  • Jurnal Siang
  • Jurnal Sport
  • Money Report
  • The Morning Show
  • PrimeTime
  • Solusi Sehat
  • Tamasya
  • Breaking News


  • Bedah SBY-JK
  • Jurnal Bisnis
  • Jurnal Utama
  • Q Inspiration
  • Q Shopping
  • QTV Malam
  • QTV Pagi
  • QTV Petang
  • Sugeng Sarjadi Forum


As Indonesia's first syndicated channel, QTV provides relay broadcasts for business, information, education and entertainment. The channel works in association with several content providers to provide programming suitable for regional viewers. The network is being set up in association with all the major local TV stations set up in the provinces of Indonesia, with which QTV has partnered.

As of 2009, there were 18 local TV stations partnering with QTV.

On September 1, 2011, QTV became BeritaSatu TV and became part of Lippo Group.[1][2]

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